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Dr Gillian Fraser

Dr Gillian Fraser

Head of the Division of Microbiology & Parasitology, Department of Pathology

Senior University Lecturer in Cellular and Molecular Microbiology

Niccoli Fellow in the Natural Sciences, Queens' College

Department of Pathology
Office Phone: 01223 330245

Key Publications

  • Evans LDB, Hughes C and Fraser GM.  (2014) Building a flagellum outside the bacterial cell. Trends in Microbiology 22: 566-572
  • Evans LDB, Poulter S, Terentjev EM, Hughes C and Fraser GM. (2013)  A chain mechanism for flagellum growth. Nature 504:287-290
  • Kahramanoglou CSeshasayee ASN, Prieto A, Ibberson D, Schmidt S, Zimmerman J, Benes V, Fraser GM* and Luscombe NM* (2011) Direct and indirect effects of H-NS and Fis on global gene expression control in E. coli. Nucleic Acids Research 39:2073-91.
  • Green JCD, Kahramanoglou C, Rahman A, Pender A, Charbonnel N, and Fraser GM (2009) Recruitment of the earliest component of the bacterial flagellum to the old cell division pole by a membrane-associated flagellar signal recognition particle-family GTPase.  Journal of Molecular Biology 391:679-90.
  • Evans LDB, Stafford GP, Ahmed S, Fraser GM, and Hughes C (2006) An escort mechanism for cycling of export chaperones during flagellum assembly.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 103: 17474-17479

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