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Dr Jim Haseloff


The liverwort Marchantia polymorpha is a descendant of the earliest terrestrial plants. The plant is characterised by a simple morphology and genome structure. Its small size, rapid growth, simple genetic architecture and easy transformability make the plant a promising new model for synthetic biology. A number of projects are available using DNA circuits, computer modelling and quantitative microscopy to visualise and engineer new forms of plant growth in Marchantia. (See and


  1. Cell shape-driven instability generates self-organised, fractal patterning of cell layers. TJ Rudge, F Federici, PJ Steiner, A Kan, J Haseloff, ACS synthetic biology (2013)  
  2. Integrated genetic and computation methods for in planta cytometry. F Federici, L Dupuy, L Laplaze, M Heisler, J Haseloff, Nature methods 9 (5), 483-485 (2012).

Dr Jim Haseloff

Dr Jim Haseloff
Department of Plant Sciences
Office Phone: 01223 766546

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Dr Jim Ajioka