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Example Projects in Bioscience for Health

There are many varied projects available to choose for a PhD in the Bioscience for Health theme. Here are a few examples:

HEALTH   G quadruplexes in DNA (arrows) Mike Edwardson
G-quadruplexes in DNA (arrows) - Mike Edwardson
  1. Psychology of Obesity - Professor Nicky Clayton, Department of Psychology
  2. Bacterial pathogens - Dr Andrew Grant, Department of Veterinary Medicine
  3. C. elegans ageing - Dr Jon Houseley, The Babraham Institute
  4. Neuronal plasticity - Dr Matthias Landgraf, Department of Zoology
  5. Genome maintenance and replication - Dr Luca Pellegrini, Department of Biochemistry
  6. Ca signalling - Professor Colin Taylor, Department of Pharmacology