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Dr Gillian Fraser


We propose a project to understand better antibiotic resistance, and in particular the diversity of response from individual cells. Using new eperimental methodology (microfluidics and automated imaging) it will be possible to measure at single cell level the physiological and gene expression changes upon exposing bacteria to antibiotics. Single cell imaging is essential to disentangle cell cycle related effects, from other (more interesting to us) forms of heterogeneity in the response. This work builds on an ongoing more general research line, of looking at the physical structure of the bacterial nucleoid, and the role of this in cell physiology.


  1. Avelino Javer*, Zhicheng Long*, Eileen Nugent, Marco Grisi, Kamin Siriwatwetchakul, Kevin D. Dorfman, Pietro Cicuta, and Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino  Short-time loci displacement unveils E. coli chromosome organization  Nature Communications 4, 3003 (2013)     
  2. Zhicheng Long, Eileen Nugent, Avelino Javer, Pietro Cicuta, Bianca Sclavi, Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino and Kevin D. Dorfman  Microfluidic chemostat for measuring single cell dynamics in bacteria  Lab on a Chip 13, 947-954 (2013)     
  3. Vincenzo G. Benza, Bruno Bassetti, Kevin D. Dorfman, Vittore F. Scolari, Krystyna Bromek, Pietro Cicuta and Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino  Physical descriptions of the bacterial nucleoid at large scales, and their biological implications  Rep. Prog. Phys. 75, 076602 (2012)

Dr Gillian Fraser

Dr Gillian Fraser

Head of the Division of Microbiology & Parasitology, Department of Pathology

Senior University Lecturer in Cellular and Molecular Microbiology

Niccoli Fellow in the Natural Sciences, Queens' College

Department of Pathology
Office Phone: 01223 330245

Key Publications

  • Evans LDB, Hughes C and Fraser GM.  (2014) Building a flagellum outside the bacterial cell. Trends in Microbiology 22: 566-572
  • Evans LDB, Poulter S, Terentjev EM, Hughes C and Fraser GM. (2013)  A chain mechanism for flagellum growth. Nature 504:287-290
  • Kahramanoglou CSeshasayee ASN, Prieto A, Ibberson D, Schmidt S, Zimmerman J, Benes V, Fraser GM* and Luscombe NM* (2011) Direct and indirect effects of H-NS and Fis on global gene expression control in E. coli. Nucleic Acids Research 39:2073-91.
  • Green JCD, Kahramanoglou C, Rahman A, Pender A, Charbonnel N, and Fraser GM (2009) Recruitment of the earliest component of the bacterial flagellum to the old cell division pole by a membrane-associated flagellar signal recognition particle-family GTPase.  Journal of Molecular Biology 391:679-90.
  • Evans LDB, Stafford GP, Ahmed S, Fraser GM, and Hughes C (2006) An escort mechanism for cycling of export chaperones during flagellum assembly.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 103: 17474-17479

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