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Dr Heike Laman


Fbxo7/PARK15 is an F-box protein that captures substrates for ubiquitination by SCF-type E3 ligases. We have recently shown that Fbxo7 regulates the autophagy ('self-eating') of mitochondria but the molecular basis for this is not known. To gain some insight into this process, we have conducted high-throughput proteome microarrays and yeast two hybrid screens to identify novel, ubiquitinated substrates of Fbxo7 and discovered several protein components that are potential key regulators of this. The student will perform functional validation of these proteins involved in mitochondrial biology, and can take advantage of model systems in the lab including cultured cell lines, differentiation of stem cells, and mouse models and use biochemistry, cell biology and live cell imaging techniques. Our goal is to determine how Fbxo7-mediated ubiquitination of these proteins regulates mitochondrial turnover and dynamics.


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Dr Heike Laman

Dr Heike Laman
Department of Pathology
Office Phone: 01223 333722