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Dr David Adams


Epigenetic control of genome function in purified mammalian cells. BLUEPRINT is a European Commission-funded project designed to generate reference epigenomes from  purified homogeneous populations of mammalian cells ex vivo (Adams et al., Nature Biotech. 2012). Dr David Adams (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute) and Prof Anne Ferguson-Smith (Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge) direct the only mouse model work-package on this programme – a hypothesis driven project designed to quantify the functional relationship between genome and epigenome. Over the past year, whole genome epigenetic and transcriptome data have been generated from purified cells from different inbred strains of mice and hybrids. These high quality datasets allow us to explore fundamental questions around the relationships between genotype, epigenotype and transcriptome. The student will select one of many projects associated with the BLUEPRINT mouse epigenome programme.