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Dr Frank Jiggins


Our lab studies the evolution and genetics of hosts and parasites, mostly using Drosophila and mosquitoes as model systems. Which genes cause variation in susceptibility to infection and why is this variation maintained in populations? How does natural selection shape parasite and host genomes? What determines whether mosquitoes can transmit disease? Our research is addressing these questions using the tools of genomics and evolutionary genetics.    

Please get in touch to discuss potential projects - there are several different options.


  1. Magwire, MM, Fabian, DK, Schweyen, H, Cao, C, Longdon B, Bayer, F and Jiggins, FM 2012 Genome-wide association studies reveal a simple genetic basis of resistance to naturally coevolving viruses in Drosophila. PLoS Genetics. 8: e1003057    
  2. Magwire, MM, Bayer, F, Webster, CL, Cao, C and Jiggins, FM 2011 Successive Increases in the Resistance of Drosophila to Viral Infection through a Transposon Insertion Followed by a Duplication. PLoS Genetics. 7: e1002337    
  3. Obbard, DJ, Jiggins, FM, Bradshaw, NJ and Little, TJ 2010 Recent and recurrent selective sweeps of the antiviral RNAi gene Argonaute-2 in three species of Drosophila. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 28: 1043-1056

Dr Frank Jiggins

Dr Frank Jiggins
Department of Genetics
Office Phone: 01223 333945