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Professor Ben Luisi


The project will study the structure and mechanism of drug efflux pumps from bacteria that are driven by ATP hydrolysis. The pumps are three-component assemblies, and protocols have been established in our laboratory to prepare stable specimens that are suitable for structure analysis by cryo-electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography and functional analysis in reconstituted transport assays.


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  2. Bandyra, K.J., Said, N., Pfeiffer, V., Gorna, M.W., Vogel, J., Luisi, B.F. (2012) The seed region of a small RNA drives the controlled destruction of the target mRNA by the endoribonuclease RNase E. Mol. Cell 47, 943-953.    
  3. Hardwick, S.W., Gubbey, T., Hug, I., Jenal, U., Luisi, B.F. (2012) Crystal structure of Caulobacter crescentus polynucleotide phosphorylase reveals a mechanism of RNA substrate channelling and RNA degradosome assembly. Open Biol 2, 120028.

Professor Ben Luisi

Professor Ben Luisi
Department of Biochemistry
Office Phone: 01223 766019