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Professor Eric Miska


The gene regulatory network of animal development at single-cell resolution   

To begin to understand how the genome is interpreted to develop a single cell, the zygote, into a whole animal we would have to characterise the dynamics of gene regulatory networks in the cell lineages arising from asymmetric cell divisions of the zygote. To date this has not been possible.   

We will take advantage if single-cell RNA sequencing technology and the unique features of the model organism C. elegans to address this question for the first time. C. elegans has a completely defined cell lineage, from the zygote to all somatic cells in the adult animal (eutely). We will take advantage of this feature and single-cell RNA-seq technology using a Fluidigm/Illumina sequencing technology.   

This project will be ~75% computational and ~25% experimental and will suit a student with prior experience in the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data and familiarity with statistics.

Professor Eric Miska

Professor Eric Miska
Department of Genetics
Office Phone: 01223 767220

Second supervisor:

Sarah Teichmann (EBI/Sanger)