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Being a PIPS Host

Our Professional Internships for PhD Students (PIPS) scheme offers the opportunity for employers to take on a University of Cambridge PhD student for up to three months to carry out work on projects that suit both the employer and the student. It gives students the opportunity to see the application of their academic skills outside academia, and how their research fits into broader society.

The scheme is funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), covering living costs, travel and accommodation.


Office worker"We would certainly recommend the programme to others and hope to take more PIPS interns in the future.”

Costello Medical Consulting

"It is a great medium for us to interact, teach and learn from the next generation of scientists."

Samiul Hasan (GlaxoSmithKline)

"Our intern allowed us to complete projects that wouldn't have happened otherwise.  They made a real contribution to our programme of work."

Researcher Development Programme, University of Cambridge


  1. A summary of the scheme can be found in our Host Organisation FAQ.

  2. More detailed information can be found within the terms of accepting a PIPS student, outlined in the Host Organisation Guidelines.

  3. If you meet with a student to discuss putting a PIPS Project together, the Building an Internship Form shows the kinds of questions they will be interested in discussing.

  4. Please also take a look at some examples of Successful Projects.

  5. If you would be interested in advertising either general or specific internship opportunities, please read the instructions provided on Advertising Internships.