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Choosing Your Rotation/PhD Projects

Choosing Your Rotation/PhD Projects 

The summer before you begin the course you will be sent a list of possible rotation/PhD projects and you will be asked to nominate several that interest you. You are also encouraged to contact supervisors and develop projects.

Students are encouraged to undertake rotations in different locations. You can conduct one rotation outside of your Theme, but if you decide to carry on that project for your PhD (thus changing Theme) it would have to be approved by the DTP Executive Committee.

The Programme allows students to undertake research in any of the DTP Partnership Departments or Institutes (subject to the scope of the relevant Theme). Thus, any academic associated with a Department or external Partner Institute within the DTP Partnership may submit rotation/PhD projects for consideration by incoming DTP students.

Students are advised to utilise the GSLS Research Database to explore research being conducted at the University.

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