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2016/17 BBSRC DTP Executive Committee: 

Dr Alison Bentley Agriculture & Food Security Theme Leader National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) 01223 342200
Prof William Sutherland Agriculture and Food Security Deputy Theme Leader Zoology (3) 36686
Dr Finian Leeper Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy Theme Leader Chemistry (3) 36403
Prof Alison Smith Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy Deputy Theme Leader Plant Sciences (3) 33952
Prof John Doorbar Bioscience for Health Theme Leader Pathology (3) 33734
Dr David Belin Bioscience for Health Deputy Theme Leader Psychology
Dr Cahir O'Kane World-Class Underpinning Bioscience Theme Leader Genetics (3) 33177
Dr Martin Hemberg World-Class Underpinning Bioscience Deputy Theme Leader Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Dr Oliver Stegle World-Class Underpinning Bioscience Deputy Theme Leader European Bioinformatics Institute 01223 494101
Dr Nik Cunniffe Exploiting New Ways of Working Theme Leader Plant Sciences (3) 33954
Dr Simon Frost Exploiting New Ways of Working Deputy Theme Leader Veterinary Medicine



BBSRC DTP Coordinator Dr Sarah Fahle (7) 47160
BBSRC DTP Administrator    


2015/16 Theme Leaders:

Dr Raymond Bujdoso Agriculture & Food Security Veterinary Medicine (3) 37655
Prof Chris Howe Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy Biochemistry (3) 33688
Prof Angela Roberts Bioscience for Health Physiology, Development and Neuroscience (PDN) (3) 33763
Dr Peter Evans World-Class Underpinning Bioscience Babraham Institute 01223 496406
Dr Nik Cunniffe Exploiting New Ways of Working Plant Sciences (3) 33954