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Rotation PhD Project Guidance


The BBSRC DTP Programme invites rotation and PhD projects for the 2018 cohort. Approximately 20 students will start the Programme in October 2018, all requiring rotation and PhD projects.

Projects must fall under BBSRC's remit and within at least one strategic Theme

Submitting Project(s)

The call for projects will end on 31 May 2018.

Please complete the form (link below) in order to submit a project. Supervisors may submit this form once per strategic Theme.
Please submit at least one (and up to a maximum of three) rotation project(s) that can lead into the PhD project. You can submit a stand-alone rotation project(s). You cannot submit only a PhD project. You must be willing to accept a targeted student for a rotation project.
Supervisors must be a member of the DTP Partnership and have submitted at least one rotation project in order to be eligible to accept a PhD student. 

Project submission link

Programme Format

"Standard" DTP students choose two 10-week rotation projects, one each for Michaelmas and Lent Terms. The likelihood is that the majority of students will choose to continue with one of these rotation projects for their PhD and the data gained from the rotation project can be used in their thesis since no MRes is to be awarded. There will be some students who discover different interests once they begin the DTP Programme and will choose a PhD project not related to either rotation project. 

Supervisor Guidance

Guidance for Rotation Project Supervisors and PhD Supervisors can be found in the Staff Handbook

Student Training

During the first six months of the DTP Programme students complete training in Statistics, Computational and Systems Biology and Research Skills (Exploiting New Ways of Working) and undertake two 10-week rotation projects. On successful completion of the above, they proceed to their PhD project. Students must complete a three month internship (PIPS) after their Department's First Year Assessment and before the last six months of the Programme.

All aspects of the DTP Programme must be completed within 48 months of their start date.


  • 16 April - 31 May 2018: Call for projects
  • June: Projects assessed by the Research Committee and successful PIs notified
  • June/July: Students given list of projects
  • Early October: Students finalise first rotation project choice (for Michaelmas Term) and Supervisors notified
  • 1 October: Studentship begins
  • 8 October (TBC): First rotation project begins
  • November: Students finalise second rotation project choice (for Lent Term) and Supervisors notified
  • February 2019: Students finalise PhD projects and Supervisors notified