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AFS Images

AFS SCPRID funded scientist Francis Wamonje shows year 12 students from Belfast how investigate aphid plant interactions in the laboratory John Carr

AFS Human induced pluripotent stem cell derived neurons (green) and glial cells (red) Thora Karadottir

AFS A black bean aphid feeds on a bean plant John Carr

AFS Franziska Fischer Toxic Fusarium fungi colonizing maize

AFS Francis Wamonje inspects a bean plant for evidence of virus disease symptoms John Carr

AFS Emily Bailes The beans & the bees

AFS Confocal image stack of an Arabidopsis root. Cells are outlined with a fluorescent label (purple) and nuclei are producing GFP in response to the plant hormone auxin. This is a map of auxin response in the root tip Burmeister

AFS Confocal image stack of an Arabidopsis hypocotyl. These cells are fluorescing with GFP labelled microtubules. The microtubules run around the inside of the cell in random and oriented (seen here) manners Burmeister

AFS Ultraviolet light illuminates the otherwise invisible track of virus as it spreads through the veins of a plant John Carr

AFS Year 12 students from schools in Belfast and London work together to detect viruses in the Department of Plant Sciences teaching laboratory John Carr

AFS Tim Hearn & summer student

AFS Single transformed cell infected with palmivora Burmeister

a AFS theme page image

AFS Engulfment of Salmonella (green) by the macrophage actin cytoskeleton (red) in wild type cells (left) and cells lacking the Salmonella Pattern Recognition Receptor NLRC4 (right) Alessandro Rizzo




AFS Epidermal tobacco cell expressing a green fluorescent membrane protein infected with the filamentous microbe Phytophthora palmivora which projects finger like haustoria into the cell Elisabeth Burmeister

AFS Ergot fungus (Claviceps purpurea) growing on wheat stigma hairs Anna Gordon

AFS PIN1b auxin transporter expression in Brachypodium floral meristems image by Devin O'Connor