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Research Experience Placements



The call for Research Experience Placements applications, for summer 2018 placements, has now closed.

Only members of the Partnership are eligible to apply to the REP scheme.


The Research Experience Placements (REP) scheme provides support for undergraduate summer research placements. REP are designed to:

  • Give promising undergraduates a first-hand opportunity to gain greater experience of research in Biosciences.
  • Raise the profile of research careers amongst undergraduate students.
  • Interest students in postgraduate research in strategically important areas for BBSRC.

Student Eligibility

Selected students must be:

  • In the middle years of their first degree studies.
  • Registered for a basic science (including mathematics and engineering) or veterinary degree. Medical students are not eligible.
  • At a UK university.
  • Expected to obtain a first or upper second class UK honours degree.
  • Preference should be given to students who wish to use the placement to find out more about their suitability and aptitude for further research, particularly if the project is in an area of science different from their main subject area.

Research Projects

Research projects must:

  • Have a clearly defined objective.
  • Be within the remit of BBSRC and relate to a relevant strategic area as directed in the allocation letter.
  • Be suitable for a student to sensibly complete within the timescale of the award.
  • Not be part of the normal degree course or propose that the student undertakes the research outside of the UK.
  • Give scope for thought and initiative on the part of the student and should not use the student as a general assistant.


Each REP is for up to 10 weeks during the summer vacation.

Support Costs

The value of a REP is £2,500 to cover a minimum stipend of £200 per week to the student and a contribution towards research expenses during the placement.

Host Departments are expected to cover all costs of the REP and should claim the funds back from the Department of Plant Sciences following the placement. Please send an invoice, breakdown of expenditure and post-placement report (see below) to:  


Upon completion of the REP the Host Department and student must complete a post-placement report. Please contact the DTP Coordinator for the 'DTP reference number'. Completed reports should be emailed to: and

How to Apply

The Cambridge DTP is keen to receive applications for projects that underpin training in 'vulnerable skills', defined as areas where it is difficult to recruit postdocs, and includes in vivo animal skills (going beyond obtaining an animal handling licence), plant pathology and taxonomy/systematics. Projects that include mathematical skills training (covering Exploiting New Ways of Working) are also highly desirable.

The DTP has been awarded 12 REP for summer 2018. Please complete the application form and submit applications to your Department Graduate Administrator. Projects should be reviewed internally and ranked—the first and second choice projects should be submitted to: k.

Further information about the REP scheme can be found here.