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The BBSRC DTP is able to award a number of CASE studentships across the partnership. These are projects that have the support of an industrial partner.

Funding for CASE studentships is based on the successful DTP3 bid, the outcome of which will not be known until October 2019. If successful this new grant may come with different terms and conditions, we will keep everyone who has applied of changes that may affect their application or project.

Application Form

We require a signed supporting letter from the Industrial Partner outlining their contribution to the project (financial or in kind).  

Please email the completed application form and the letter of support to:  by 30 September 2019.

Application Guidance​

BBSRC iCASE Information Pack

Financial Support

The CASE Studentship provides funds for fees (RCUK rate), student maintenance stipend (if BBSRC eligible), PhD consumables, conference/travel and DTP Programme training courses.

Industrial Partners (IPs) must cover all costs associated with the placement. Students must carry out a placement with their Industrial Partner for at least three months and up to a maximum of 18 months.

For IPs with 50+ employees, the IP must make a cash contribution to the academic partner of £1,400 per year.

It is recommended that IPs cover the Academic Partner Cost, which in 2020 will total £8,500 (estimated) over the four years of the studentship. If the IP cannot cover this cost then the Department/Partner Institute will be required to meet this shortfall. This cost is in addition to the £1,400 per year requirement.

IPs might also be able to contribute funding for:

  • Maintenance stipend top-up (desirable but not essential)
  • Consumables/field work/travel/conferences
  • DTP Programme training (£1,500)
  • In kind (data, access to equipment, staff time, etc)

Student Training

During the first six months of the Programme students complete training in Statistics, Computational and Systems Biology and Research Skills. Students must carry out a placement with their Industrial Partner for at least three months and up to a maximum of 18 months, for which all expenses incurred must be met by the non-academic partner. Students will be invited to attend DTP Programme training and social opportunities.

CASE students must complete a post-placement report on completion of their time with the Industrial Partner. Students should email:  to obtain their report.

All aspects of the DTP Programme must be completed within 48 months of their start date.

Recruitment Process

  • June- 30 September 2019: Call for applications
  • October: Research Committee decides on projects
  • October: Successful Supervisors are notified
  • October 2019 - February 2020: Projects are advertised and candidates are interviewed and recruited, where possible a member of a BBSRC DTP Committee should be part of the interview panel.
  • October 2020: Studentship begins.