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Cambridge Biosciences DTP PhD Programme


As part of the BBSRC DTP Programme 'standard' and 'targeted' course students must complete a 12-week (60 work days) internship.

All placements provide students with the opportunity to work in a different often non-lab based environment and to experience a different working culture.

A PIPS placement provides an amazing opportunity to learn and apply new skills that will develop you as a researcher and help you understand the context of your research in the wider world, as well as providing ideas about future employment options. 

Student Feedback

Students within the BBSRC DTP consistently review the PIPS programme positively. Over 98% of respondees consider the placement a worthwhile and enriching experience, with 89% reporting the development of otherwise unattainable skills whilst on placement.

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What does the PIPS scheme offer to Employers?

Our Professional Internships for PhD Students (PIPS) scheme offers the opportunity for employers to take on a University of Cambridge PhD student for up to three months to carry out work on projects that suit both the employer and the student. It gives students the opportunity to see the application of their academic skills outside academia, and how their research fits into broader society.

The scheme is funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), covering living costs, travel and accommodation.

Host organisation guidelines

The following document outlines the terms of taking on a student from the BBSRC DTP to undertake a PIPS project. In organising the PIPS, the host organisation will be expected to sign the PIPS Project Description. In doing so, they are indicating both that they are satisfied with the description of the project and that they agree to the terms laid out in the Host Organisation Guidelines.

Advertising a PIPS opportunity - Becoming an Approved Host Organisation

Approved hosts have agreed to the general terms of the PIPS scheme and are advertised on a list that is provided for the DTP students. To join this list you will need to fill in the Host Organisation Application Form and send it to the who will then build your host profile.

Your profile should provide students with information on general opportunities available and the information needed to contact an appropriate representative from your organisation. Please note that the DTP makes no guarantee of an application to your organisation from a student.

Advertising a Specific Internship Project

Approved hosts can also advertise a specific project that would be suitable for a PIPS internship. If such an opportunity exists within your organisation you can send the advert to the . You may like to use the Internship Opportunity Template provided, but if you already have an advert please make sure that it includes the following information:

  1. Organisation name and sector
  2. Project location
  3. Project description
  4. Timeframe and any other considerations
  5. Contact details and a website if possible

This advert will be directly advertised to Cambridge BBSRC DTP students without editing. Please note that the DTP makes no guarantee of an application to your organisation from a student.


Previous PIPS hosts have included: