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Cambridge Biosciences DTP PhD Programme



We focus on student success and wellbeing in an inclusive environment. We're actively involved in initiatives to improve Research Culture, Student Mental Health and Wellbeing, and Supervisory Support. We work closely with the University of Cambridge's support services to promote inclusivity throughout our programme.

Our students have access to support networks and services across the University and colleges and we have systems in place to ensure that students are aware and know where to look should they need support while at Cambridge.

Peer-to-peer support is available from different societies and services, such as the Student Union, LGTB + Campaign, and Black Advisory Hub. A distinctive feature of Cambridge is that all students join one of the University’s 31 colleges, which provide pastoral support, social and sports facilities, as well as accommodation. The college environment uniquely facilitates networking with fellow students and faculty across the full range of disciplines within the University, providing an important support structure that complements provision within our DTP.

Personalised support lies at the heart of our approach. Our dedicated Training and Inclusive Support Manager ensures that each student receives tailored assistance, fostering connections with peer networks and resources. From flexible working arrangements to bespoke guidance, our aim is to empower every student to thrive and succeed.