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Cambridge Biosciences DTP PhD Programme


iCase projects for academic year 2023-2024

This list may continued to be updated, and additional projects added until the end of October 2022.

An organoid platform for defining molecular effectors of colorectal cancer malignancy
Dr Marc de la Roche (Biochemistry)
Antibody-drug conjugates for targeted treatment of cellular senescence in lung cancer and respiratory disease
Dr Ljiljana Fruk (Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology)
Characterisation of new cellular pathways reversing cellular ageing
Dr Delphine Larrieu (Pharmacology)
Deciphering the molecular basis of amylin receptor-mediated satiation as an obesity treatment
Prof Graham Ladds (Pharmacology)
Developing an ethological system for studying spatial working memory in mice
Dr Julija Krupic (Physiology, Development and Neuroscience)
Developing an organ-on-a-chip platform for identifying potent AAV with improved cell targeting for delivery of gene therapy
Prof Róisín M. Owens (Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology)
Elucidating the mechanisms AAV employs to evade host cell immune responses
Dr Colin Crump (Pathology)
Engineering the internal and external environment of leafy crops to enhance indoor growth and provide food for space exploration
Prof Alex Webb (Plant Sciences)
Genetic improvement of the Black Soldier Fly
Prof Chris Jiggins (Zoology)
How do soluble enzymes from microbes degrade insoluble plant cell walls?
Prof Paul Dupree (Biochemistry)
Identifying and quantifying new peptide biomarkers of intestinal and metabolic disease using mass spectrometry
Dr Richard Kay (Wellcome - MRC Institute of Metabolic Science)
Identifying the SARM1-dependent enzyme activity that drives axon death
Prof Michael Coleman (Clinical Neurosciences)
Machine learning to understand the radiogenomics of resistance in ovarian cancer
Dr Mireia Crispin (Oncology)
Neuroimmune regulation of gut function
Dr David Bulmer (Pharmacology)
Optimising diversity capture and maximising genetic gain within pre-breeding wheat programs
Dr Tally Wright (NIAB)
Optimization and characterization of functionally active anti-Cdc42/Ras peptides
Dr Darerca Owen (Biochemistry)
Phase transitions underlying viral replication: the role of biomolecular condensates in segmented RNA viral genome assembly
Dr Alex Borodavka (Biochemistry)
Scaling-up biodiversity reporting in food supply chains: developing a global farm-scale biodiversity metric for sustainable agriculture 
Dr Lynn Dicks (Zoology)
Stemness and maintenance of CD4+ regulatory T cell (Treg) responses in homeostasis, inflammation and ageing
Dr Rahul Roychoudhuri (Pathology)
Study of the human hypothalamic circuitry regulating appetite
Prof Giles Yeo (Wellcome - MRC Institute of Metabolic Science)
The role of GABAa and GABAb receptors in visual learning and decision-making
Prof Jeff Dalley (Psychology)
Understanding and manipulating rAAV DNA biology
Prof Kathryn Lilley (Biochemistry)
Understanding the regulation of flowering in the herbaceous plant Coriandrum sativum L.
Dr Matthew Milner (NIAB)