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The BBSRC DTP Programme invites applications for Targeted projects for the 2019 cohort. The Targeted scheme offers the opportunity for all Partners to participate in the Programme and Co-funded Targeted projects allow the Programme to fund additional studentships. The Cambridge DTP Programme awards approximately 10 Targeted Studentships per year.

Application Form

Please email the completed form to:  by 30 August 2018.

Application Guidance

All Partners can bid for Targeted Studentships. These will be allocated by the BBSRC DTP Executive Committee and assessed using one or more of the following criteria:

  1. the project provides training in vulnerable skills
  2. the project is interdisciplinary and/or involves a collaboration between DTP Partners
  3. the project is in a new highlight area or focuses on a specific problem that arises, such as tackling an epidemic of crops or farm animals
  4. the DTP Partner has not received any students from the previous year’s cohort
  5. the supervisor is engaged with the DTP Programme (ie, sits on a Committee, involved in the recruitment process, etc)
  6. there is the opportunity for co-funding; for example, from a Departmental studentship, another DTP or an industrial partner

Each Partner can bid for one project per year under criteria 1-5 or up to two per year under criterion 6.

Under criterion 6, details of specific BBSRC eligible projects and nominated candidates can be submitted at a later date for approval by the DTP Executive Committee.

Please note that the successful Department/Institute will be responsible for recruiting directly to the Targeted Studentship.

Student Training

Targeted students complete DTP Programme training courses (Statistics, Computational and Systems Biology and Research Skills (Exploiting New Ways of Working)) and are invited to Programme events. They undertake one rotation project in their PhD laboratory and a second rotation project in a lab of their choosing. On successful completion of the above, they proceed to their PhD project. Students must complete a three-month internship (PIPS), usually after their Departmental First Year Assessment and before the last six months of the Programme.

All aspects of the DTP Programme must be completed within 48 months of their start date.

Recruitment Process

  • 16 April - 30 August 2018: Call for projects
  • September: Research Committee decides on projects
  • September: Successful Supervisors are notified
  • October 2018 - February 2019: Projects are advertised and candidates recruited
  • October 2019: Studentship begins