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Cambridge Biosciences BBSRC DTP


The Cambridge Bioscience DTP Programme

The Programme provides excellent postgraduate training, addressing the need for trained scientists in strategically-important research areas and skills.

The Programme has separate Research Themes addressing the strategic research priorities of the BBSRC:

  • Understanding the rules of life
  • Transformative technologies
  • Bioscience for sustainable argiculture and food
  • Bioscience for renewable resources and clean growth
  • Bioscience for an integrated understanding of health

The research topics included in the Cambridge DTP are aimed at improving understanding of basic biological mechanisms, from the study of biological molecules, to cellular and physiological processes, including genetic and genomic approaches. There is an emphasis on multidisciplinary research interfacing with physical sciences and engineering, and the opportunity to use mathematical and computational methodologies to address biological questions. We are particularly interested in attracting candidates from non-biological or non-traditional biological backgrounds and providing opportunities for computational students to train in biology and for biology students to train in the physical sciences and mathematics.

A major goal of our training programme is to allow the flow of ideas, skills and key capabilities to provide mutual benefit in supporting the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries in the UK. 

Programme Type

Studentships are divided into four main types, Standard, Targeted, iCASE and SBS DTP. 

Standard DTP Studentship

(not available for 2021)

Standard BBSRC DTP students complete two rotations in different departments and a 3 month professional internship in an organisation of their choice as part of their PhD. Initially, students apply to a theme, not a specific project. ~20 Studentships per year

Targeted  DTP Studentship

(not available for 2021)

Targeted BBSRC DTP students complete two rotations in different departments and a 3 month professional internship in an organisation of their choice as part of their PhD. Students apply for a specific research project - the rotations will feed into this. ~10 Studentships per year

iCASE Studentship

(not available for 2021)

iCASE BBSRC DTP Students apply for a known research project, this project will contain a minimum of a 3 month internship/collaboration with an industrial partner connected to the PhD. ~10 Studentships per year
SBS DTP Studentship SBS DTP students apply to a participating department and undertake a 3 month professional internship in an organisation of their choice as part of their PhD. ~15 Studentships per year