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Cambridge Biosciences DTP PhD Programme


Department of Pathology

Research theme: Understanding the rules of life


I graduated from the University of Southampton with a Master's degree in Biomedical Sciences. Prior to starting my PhD, I initially worked for a clinical genetics laboratory screening for monogenic disorders in embryo biopsies. Then I went on to work for a biotech company generating CRISPR knock out cell lines. In my spare time I really enjoy keeping fit by going to the gym, and listening to various scientific podcasts ( Huberman lab podcast, Nature podcast).


Project Title:

Analysis of the functions of PP1?phosphatases during cytokinesis

Project Summary:

Cell division faithfully partitions the genomic information between the two daughter cells and errors in this process have been implicated in many human diseases. Most mitotic events are regulated by phosphorylation and, although mitotic kinases have been studied is some detail, very little is known about their counteracting phosphatases. The host laboratory has recently characterised the protein interaction network in the last phase of mitosis, cytokinesis, and found that PP1 phosphatases were the most abundant and frequent. The aim of this project is to characterize the roles of these phosphatases during cytokinesis using a multi-systems approach combining gene editing, targeted proteolysis, quantitative proteomics, and multi-dimensional high resolution microscopy. 



Key publications: 

Scott, S., Suvarna, K. S., D'Avino, P.P. (2020) ' Synchronization of human retinal pigment epithelial-1 cells in mitosis'.  Journal of Cell Science, ;133(18). 
doi: 10.1242/jcs.247940.

Teaching and Supervisions

Research supervision: 

Dr Paolo D'Avino

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