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Cambridge Biosciences DTP PhD Programme


Plant Sciences

Research theme: Bioscience for renewable resources and clean growth


Will is a PhD student based in Jim Haseloff’s group in the Department of Plant Sciences, and a member of Corpus Christi College. He completed a BSc in Biological Sciences at the University of Warwick, where for his final year project he worked on the photosynthetic electron transport chain in cyanobacteria, within David Scanlan’s lab. It was during his time at Warwick that he developed an interest in both organellar biology and biotechnology, and so for his PhD he wanted to combine these interests.


Project Title:

Elucidating the roles of pentatricopeptide proteins in the coordination and control of the chloroplast in Marchantia polymorpha

Project Summary:

His PhD work focuses on improving our understanding of organellar biology in the bryophyte Marchantia polymorpha, and how we can use this knowledge to optimise heterologous protein production in the chloroplast of this plant system.

Principal Supervisor: Prof Jim Haseloff


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William Boxall

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