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Cambridge Biosciences DTP PhD Programme


Throughout the four years of the BBSRC DTP, students will take part in a variety of training sessions, they will also have access to a large number of optional training sessions offered by both the University of Cambridge and external providers.


To support the start of your researcher development training, we have identified four main themes that we believe will help you in your first year: establishing new relationships, academic writing and data management and research ethics. Early in the first year and in subsequent years you will use a Skills Analysis Survey, an online resource designed to help you assess your existing skill-set against the core competencies of the CamRDF. This will help you to build a plan of where you'd like to focus your development efforts.

Our training programme has been developed according to the Cambridge Researcher Development Framework (CamRDF). You can find out more at: The training activities throughout the four years of the programme have been colour-coded to indicate how they map onto the Framework.


Training in Years 2-4 will focus on specific themes appropriate to the stage of your PhD: resilience and presenting with impact in year 2, planning your career, publishing your research and profile raising in year 3, and writing your PhD, preparing for your viva and finding your future employment in year 4. Detailed timetables are provided below for each Year group, which include this colour coding.


Training Programme Calendar 2021-2022: