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Cambridge Biosciences BBSRC DTP


Congratulations to Celia Alda-Catalinas, 2015 cohort PhD student in the BBSRC DTP Programme, for publishing the paper ‘scNMT-seq enables joint profiling of chromatin accessibility DNA methylation and transcription in single cellsin Nature Communications.


Parallel single-cell sequencing protocols represent powerful methods for investigating regulatory relationships, including epigenome-transcriptome interactions. Here, we report a single-cell method for parallel chromatin accessibility, DNA methylation and transcriptome profiling. scNMT-seq (single-cell nucleosome, methylation and transcription sequencing) uses a GpC methyltransferase to label open chromatin followed by bisulfite and RNA sequencing. We validate scNMT-seq by applying it to differentiating mouse embryonic stem cells, finding links between all three molecular layers and revealing dynamic coupling between epigenomic layers during differentiation.

To read the full publication, please click here.