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DTP Programme Annual Event

last modified May 25, 2017 08:19 AM

DTP Programme Annual Event

We were delighted to host over 90 BBSRC DTP students on 17 May for the annual Programme event.

Students were placed in mixed groups (cohort/Department/Theme). Each gave a three-minute flash presentation to their group, followed by two minutes of questions. The purpose of the activity was to give students the opportunity to briefly describe their research to a general audience and students were asked to think about (and explain) the impact of their research. 

Following a tea/coffee break, students listened to a brief presentation by the Careers Service. The talk focussed on atypical career paths following a PhD in the biological scienceswhat options are available and how to access these opportunities. We were surprised how many students had already utilised the Careers Service and pleased to see that many more would take advantage of this resource in the future.

DTP Programme Workshop 1 2017DTP Programme Workshop 7 2017


Students were then split into three groups and had the opportunity to listen and participate in three 20-minute round table discussions led by a postdoc, entrepreneur and an individual representing the policy sector. Feedback included:

"The speakers were very interesting as they were mostly not working in academia. I am working with postdocs every day so don't have to specially meet them at those events."

"Very useful having the round table talks from speakers with alternate career path jobs, particularly in policy and entrepreneurship."

"I also had an interesting conversation with one of the guest speakers, and was able to make a valuable connection."

We are grateful to Dr Charles Ebikeme, Matt McLaren and Tarra Penney for taking the time to engage with our students and share their professional experiences.

A lengthy lunch allowed time for the students to socialise with each other and to continue discussions with the speakers.

DTP Programme Workshop 6 2017 


When asked 'What did you learn from the event?' feedback included:

"It was good to speak to students from previous cohorts, as well as to hear the talk from the different people about their career progression."

"A broader knowledge of the range of subjects DTP students research."

"Perspectives on some alternate career options. Nice chance to socialise."

"I learned where and how to get help when the time comes to start a career after my studies."

"Hopefully, an improved ability to communicate my research to others.

"Having the opportunity to succinctly describe my PhD project was very useful to ensure main points were covered. Following questions were also helpful to highlight areas that were not clear."

"Ideas for future careers/ approaching PIPS."

"I again realized that Science is just really cool, when listening to the other people talk about their projects during the flash presentations."

DTP Programme Workshop 2 2017

 DTP Programme Workshop 3 2017

 *Photographs by Chris Loades