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Natural Sciences Colloquium 2015 A Workshop on the Science of Light

last modified Oct 23, 2015 10:47 AM

One of our DTP students, Marie Synakewicz (2014 Cohort) has recently organised a workshop for German A-level students (from her old school). The students visit research groups across the university with focus on a specific subject, the topic this year is light because 2015 is the international year of light.

 Marie explains more about the workshop:

'The "Natural Sciences Colloquium" has been running at the Evangelische Schule Neuruppin (Germany) for more than a decade. Every year a theme is chosen for the project. For example in 2008/2009 I participated in a Colloquium on Quantum Physics, which motivated me to study Biology and Physics. Since 2015 is the International Year of Light, this year's theme is "Light". The project starts with a workshop where students get exposed to current topics in research. My former Physics teacher, Uta Thie, and I organised the workshop to take place at Cambridge University from 13 to 17 September 2015.

The "Light" theme proved to be ideal for the spread of interests and different capabilities of the twelve students participating. The presented topics ranged from fluorescence and optical communication systems to nanophotonics. Without the following people, who contributed with talks, lab tours and exciting activities, this diversity would not have been possible:

Margit Müller (Taylor Group, Pharmacology) - Importance of fluorescence for detecting calcium signalling
Nikos Bamiedakis (White Group, CAPE) - Fast optical communications and LiFi
Franziska Kundel, Anna Lippert and David Wirthenson (Klenerman Group, Chemistry) - Super-resolution microscopy and single molecule experiments
Prof. Ulrich Keyser (Cavendish) - DNA tug of war using optical tweezers
Jan Beitner (Atatüre Group, Cavendish) - Nitrogen vacancy centres
Villads Johansen and Lisa Steiner (Vignolini Group, Chemistry) - Structural colours
Tijmen Euser (Nanophotonics, Cavendish) - Photonic crystal fibres
Manuela Gross, Janina Willkomm and Moritz Kühnel (Reisner Group, Chemistry) - Solar fuels and artificial photosynthesis

On the last day everybody was tired but very happy. The workshop was a total success: every student was able to connect with different research topics, some of which were at quite an advanced level. After a short period of digestion, each student will now produce a scientic poster on a workshop topic of their choice, and then present it to their school this winter.'

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